New Theme + Designs

Must change the header image to something less obscene. Maybe play with the colors, too.

Kick-off is happening soon. Need to get some more caffeine and foodstuffs in me before sitting down to soberly watch the game.

Working on plans for things. Warren Ellis, of all people, is pushing me to do more. I don’t know what it is about reading Shivering Sands, but it is fucking with my mindspace.

Tumblr account has things. Mostly links of stuff I want to write about later. In the likely event that I don’t, I still have them preserved. Will also allow me to upload music for sharing. Pluses all around.

UPDATE: A new theme. This one has support for widgets, including snippets of the aforementioned Tumblr account. Ditched the theme I had up for the afternoon. It was garish, at best. Plus, I didn’t feel like fucking around with a header image. Maybe I’ll tweak the CSS for one of the themes so that it’ll match the rest of my page. For now, though, I will say that I have chosen to differentiate this blog’s theme from that of the rest of my site so as to visually communicate the static and dynamic qualities of the two sections.

Speaking of the other part of my website, I spent the better part of the afternoon prodding the CSS into submission. Observe here. Javascript has to be enabled to enjoy the full effect; don’t worry, it’ll be ok. Really.


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