Portfolio for Chris Boette, Crafter of Code

Markov Q. Aurelius

Philosopher for the 21st Century

Uses Marcus Aurelius's "Meditations" and a Markov Chain to generate new quotes that are both displayed on a website and posted to Twitter once every morning.

Ruby & Sinatra; Twitter & marky_markov Ruby gems; deployed to Heroku; daily post through a Rake task via Heroku Scheduler

  • developer
  • designer

Mars Attracts!

Book a Flight to Mars! (Not Really)

A speculative fiction flight reservation app set in the near future, facilitating relocation to a newly colonized Mars. Built over 2+ weeks as part of a team of 3.

Angular.js frontend, Ruby on Rails backend; ForecastIO & MAAS Mars Weather APIs; Foundation & Simple_Form Ruby gems; Haml & Sass templating; PostgreSQL database; deployed to Heroku

  • front-end design & development


Inspiration to Your Pocket

A service to send daily inspirational messages to subscribers. Built for a weekend hackathon as part of a team of 3.

Ruby on Rails; Twilio Ruby gem; PostgreSQL database; deployed to Heroku

  • back-end development
  • Twilio wrangler